January 10, 2011 new ihoc

the new site is up and running at www.imhighoncooking.com!!!  going forward THIS site should only be used as an archive.

if that’s what you typed, and you reached this—-empty your cache, and try again.

-ihoc admin

December 16, 2010 that’s a wrap

so that’s it.  a whole ‘nother year.

i’m sitting here, scratching for what to say—what could possibly sum up what has happened this year?—and i decided to check the im high on cooking archives for some inspiration. 

this time last year, i wrote: my last day of work is in two days.  two more wake ups.  two more taxis and two more subways.  ten or twenty more metal detectors, bag checks and id scans. thirty more case sensitive passwords.  two more mail runs and two more coffee runs.  two more bagged lunches and two more suits.  four more cuff links and four more bells.

holy.  moley. 

i quit my job as a trader on the floor of the new york stock exchange.  i moved to the south.  i learned to farm.  LEARNED TO FARM. 


represented the united states at the biennial slow foods conference in italy.  asked my love to marry me—she said yes.

and this is only a bird’s eye view.  day-to-day, this has been the most educational, incredible, life changing, inspirational, and encouraging year of my life.  a lifetime has passed this year, and to picture myself just a year ago today is difficult to do.  in two thousand nine i dreamt a dream, and today i am awake inside it.  the dream is a reality, and the reality is mind blowing. 

this will be my last post of the year.  as numbered as the changes in two thousand ten appear on paper, the changes that lie ahead of me seem to dwarf them.  things are happening, and two thousand eleven is upon us. 

what are you passionate about?  what do you love?  hone in on your passion and trust the signs.  everyone is a teacher, and when you are ready, the lessons will unfold before you. 

when i return, im high on cooking will be reborn.  a sexy new body, same burning passion.  i can’t wait to share in the new year.

love, and peace,


December 16, 2010 pig in a truck

one of the berkshire/tamworth piglet runts didn’t make it through last night.  He was acting a little weak the last few days, and was dead in their hay nest this morning.  in an effort to isolate our fragile newborns from the sick piglet who has been hiding in their nest (see yesterday), we plucked him out of general population, and inserted him into our sow pen.  hopefully the individual attention from his mother will help him recover.  it’s clear that he’s feeling sick, because no healthy piglet would have been so easily carried and held.  he had nothing in him.

on the whole, this litter of tamworth/berkshire crosses has proven incredibly hardy.  at birth, every piglet who was born alive survived.  the normal stats for birth on pasture is probably closer to a seventy five or eighty five percent survival rate. until this week, we were batting a thousand.

the rescue operation was not so much for this sick tam piglet, because the truth is, he may, or may not survive another cold rainy day, and there’s not much we can do.  but our new piglets, with their growing immune systems, are probably happy to have little-mr-coughs-a-lot out of their bed. 

December 15, 2010 piggus pileus

you’ve never really seen a pig pile like this.  they scatter when i approach, so the photo isn’t representative, but believe me, fifty pigs of a rainbow variety of sizes and colors and personalities, lying one on top of another and trying to keep warm, is a memorable site to walk on in the woods.  it’s a good ol’ fashion pig pile. 

they have really been utilizing the hay we put out, and it seems to be making a big difference.  the newest piglets, and the new mama, have established their own side nest, and over the last few days we have added several feet of insulation surrounding them.  as you can see in the video yesterday, mama uses her nose and some grunts to keep the piglets in the warm zone she (we) created.

and then there’s this guy.  do you see him?  which one of these is not like the other one…

this runty little tamworth piglet, who is most likely between six to nine weeks older than our newborns, is holing up in the nest as well.  he’s smart i guess, and found himself a pretty cushy little spot. 

he’s a little weak, and has a minor cough, which i’m hoping is not something the piglet’s can catch.  the forecast claims tonight is the last viciously cold night (for now), so hopefully everyone will bounce back stronger and warmer on the other end.

December 14, 2010

if i had to describe moses’ usual behavior around the cows, it would be that of mutual ignoredness.  he is always around them, and never really notices them. 

it’s poo he’s after. 

but today, with the wind chill feeling a bit northern for my new tastes, everybody was a bit randy.  the cows were freezing and a bit harder to move, and moses was getting up in their grill a bit.  moments after this video cut off moses got what was coming—a swift and hard blow to his face by the hammering rear kick of an eight hundred pound steer. 

shocked, he walked in a large arching semi circle away from the cow and sat at my side.  he seems to have learned his lesson.