October 12, 2010 kitchen staff, farm staff

after several weeks without taking a day off, i found myself a bit burnt, and extremely tired.  rookie mistake, i know.  scheduling days off, after years of strictly knowing five on-two off, is a skill yet to be breached, but newly on my radar.  with no fuel in the tank, and a short, but important list of tasks, i looked elsewhere to find my motivation. 

luckily, it was everywhere.

with hundreds of plants to get in the ground—some for the restaurant to use in the coming months, and some to be over wintered—a few gents from the farm255 kitchen came out to lend a hand and get dirty.  over wintering is exactly what it sounds like—putting plants in the ground now to establish root structure, and allowing them to go dormant over the winter, so they’ll have that head start come the spring flush. 

these plants are babies, and are to be treated like such.  a wide range of factors could cause these plants to die in the coming week. 

another wave of inspiration came from a group of uga students who came out to lend a hand on sunday.  they were taking part in a global work day (over seven thousand gatherings held in almost two hundred countries) organized by 350.org, with a theme revolving around sustainable solutions. 

the event was held on ten/ten/oh ten, and it was exciting to be a part of.  although it was a sunday morning work day at the end of a long month, i had a smile on my face and was thankful for so many things.  first off, i was farming, which is a personal miracle in itself.  but second, to be able to host this work party of young students eager to be a part of what i am now entrenched in was both inspirational and encouraging.

feels good to be a part of something so good.